DTS Last-Mile White-Glove Service

Some items require an especially high degree of care. Our white-glove service ensures that high-value, fragile, or one-of-a-kind items are handled carefully and delivered safely to their destination.

Special care for special products

One common problem associated with transportation is the high occurrence of damage to cargo. Due to the frequent stops and touchpoints along routes, in which cargo is being loaded, maneuvered/handled, and unloaded from the trucks, freight generally incurs more damage on LTL trips than on specialized FTL trips. For some freight, light damage to exterior packaging is unlikely to be of major consequence, but for shippers dealing in more delicate products, delivering damaged goods could mean having to refund a customer for the full price paid for the product or other remedies, a burden in any form with many complex processes top navigate through if it occurs.

If your product is not easily damaged, DTS Last-Mile White-Glove Service may not be an appealing service, but if your product is damaged frequently or is a high risk of damaged products such as windows, electronics, furniture, appliances or perishable items, we recommend that you calculate the average cost that you end up paying to make up for damages per quarter, and then compare how much it would cost you to opt for our specialized service, which would result in significantly less damage.

Which cost is higher in the end?

It’s not an easy task for shippers. At DTS Last-Mile, we work with shippers on a case-by-case basis to help determine strategies that fit each specific need and often the added cost to have our specialized fleet of White-Glove personnel deliver these items is reason enough to rethink their supply chain strategies that were offering less-than-optimum total results.

Careful Handling of Your Valuables

Our teams ensure that every item we handle is fully protected however, with our white-glove service, your high-risk and valuable products receive an extra degree of care.

Plus, you get reassuring peace of mind in knowing that the team that assists you has one goal: making sure your items arrive on time and undamaged which can save you enormous amounts of money in the end.