DTS Last Mile: Ontario’s Leading Independent Carrier 

At DTS Last Mile, we proudly hold the title of Ontario’s largest independent carrier service provider. Our mission is to empower shippers to extend their market presence without the substantial investments in facilities, equipment, drivers, or management staff.

Operating across Ontario, we specialize in engineering consolidation and de-consolidation services, regional LTL pick-ups and deliveries, and efficient last-mile deliveries. For some of our shipper partners, we offer the option to integrate their logistics and management requirements with our facilities, offering a cost-effective solution for a more direct connection to drivers, data, and customers.

DTS Last Mile: Your Trusted Same Day Courier

With a wealth of experience in the industry, DTS Last Mile delivers exceptional service no matter where you are or what you need to transport. Whether it’s urgent documents, fragile packages, or bulky shipments, count on us to be there for you.

DTS Last Mile: Tailored Transportation Solutions

DTS Last Mile specializes in crafting customized transportation solutions that not only accelerate your deliveries but also reduce expenses and elevate customer satisfaction. Explore how we can transform your logistics experience today.

DTS Last Mile: Your Home Delivery Network

Discover the vast network of home delivery professionals at DTS Last Mile, specializing in handling oversized and bulky items, including appliances and other large-format consumer goods. We’re here to make your big deliveries a breeze!

DTS Last-Mile, Delivering positive customer experiences, one shipment at a time

Ensure flawless fulfillment from your warehouse to your customer’s door and maximize visibility into every leg of the journey—including that challenging last-mile delivery—when you book with DTS Last-Mile!

From proactive route planning to final proof of delivery, DTS Last-Mile will master your end user logistics and operate at optimal efficiency to deliver same-day, on time and for a price that supports your growth.